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  • The Fighting Monster [English]


    Taekwon fights to become the best in RAC but is sucked into another world This is a story of his path to becoming the greatest.

  • Secret class [English]

    Author: Minachan

    Dae Ho, orphaned at the age of 13, was adopted by his father’s friend. However, Dae Ho as an adult knew nothing about the relationship between men and women. Aunt and sisters decided to give pure Dae Ho a secret lesson…

  • Shimiken [English]

    Author: Piotti

    Jinho and Yunjeong, a 10-year longevity couple.

  • My Sister’s Duty [English]

    Author: Eolluk

    Dongwoo, who happened to found the secret of his squad leader is spending a hellish day because of it. Jungyeon, the younger sister found out about her brother’s suffering through his diary. To protect her brother whom she loves more than anyone else, Jungyeon visits Yoo Jinho, the squad leader… “Oppa… I’ll protect you this time.”

  • Mom Cafe [English]

    Author: Updating

    Mothers who love their children join the club. However, there are many bad and greedy moms in the club.

  • Hyulla’s Race [English]

    Author: Cu Rim

    Surh Jung-woo developed Gynophobia because of his trauma when he was younger. Even as a college student he is still afraid of woman, but Yoon hae-soo is a angel like existence for Jung-woo because of his fear. He starts dating after thinking he could trust Hae-soo, but while putting everything he has on line for her he falls into debt and gets cornered. After he gets betrayed by Hae-soo the person to save him is the most beautiful girl of this college, and the famous professor Pi Eun-na. What is

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  • Committee Chairman, Didn’t You Just Masturbate In the Bathroom I Can See the Number of Times People Orgasm [English]


    How did you find out?After Questioning the committee chairman, I found out that she has an extremely sensitive pussy. Even when she's about to faint in ecstasy from having an orgasm, she still won't admit what she was doing?

  • Solmi s Channel [English]


    Jinsoo, an engineer specializing in augmented reality, has always dreamed of using the technology in creative ways. So when Solmi, a camgirl, asks him to develop adult content for her live stream show, he’s presented with the opportunity of a lifetime.

  • Tissue Guzzler [English]


    The time is Christmas and all the girlfriendless singles have gathered for a Guys Only Party. As they chug on their boozes, their conversations start to revolve around their past love affairs. See what stories these lonely wolves have to share!

  • Bad Blood [English]


    Can two lovers find their way back into each other’s arms?

  • What Do I Do Now? [English]


    Shim Jae Seop was shocked by the sudden breakup notice. The three members, Soo Ah, Si Hyun, and Ae Ri, comforted the injured Jae Seop and drank together. But What happened? And What do I do now?

  • Water Overflow [English]


    Oh, crazy..!! That's wearing or naked!?Swimming pool Alba suddenly came to the request of an acquaintance. Byung-jin, who knew how to make her eyes stand out with the dizzying women's swimming clothes, accidentally suffers from a major accident in which she tears the swimsuit of her first love, Da-hee. Water starts leaking in the homeroom due to the overturning, and at the owner's house, who has decided to stay during the repair period, he encounters familiar swimming pool girls

  • Peach Sorbet [English]


    It is complex that Moa has no first-time experience. I think it's natural to do it when you become an adult. It's hard to naturally intervene in sex stories with friends.

  • I Can't Stand It, Ajumma [English]


    Yongjun stayed at his friend's house for a few days during his college vacation. He was surprised by his friend's mother’s young face and amazing body. He shouldn't think about this to his friend's mom.

  • The Men in My Bed [English]


    To Heesoo, men are like delicious pieces of cake that satisfy her emotional hungerwhich is why she's sleeping with three of them. She neither chooses nor gives up one for the other and enjoys their company just as partners. She doesn't want to commit to a serious relationship. But one day, her first love from high school slides back into her life. Unable to give up either romance or sex, Heesoo must now perform a delicate balancing act to keep her secrets. Will Heesoo be able to have all her cake and eat it too?

  • The Yes Girl [English]


    Seoyoung is an intimidating woman. On top of having a killer body, she’s smart, sophisticated and drop-dead gorgeous. The sorta girl you’d think twice before approaching, right? But this chick has a weakness she can’t bear saying no! And once the horny guys in the office find out, their requests get dirtier and dirtier! How far will the yes girl go?!

  • Seniors of Class 5 [English]


    A walk down memory lane of school memories filled with studying and bullying. After graduation, each student who was a senior of Class 5 receives a message to participate in an alumni reunion. No one knows who sent the message. A reward of $10,000 and the location is an abandoned island. Although there were some suspicious parts to the message, everyone participates, thinking that it was a joke. In this event, everyone relives and faces their past self which they had buried for so long.

  • Today Dinner [English]


    Suho loves eating anything and everything until he suffered trauma during his childhood in which his mother abandoned him. He developed a hate for breastmilk for his mother always threatened him while breastfeeding. He still suffers from that to this day however, Sieun, who has been his childhood friend, always stayed by his side. Will he finally overcome that trauma thanks to her?

  • Hey, Handsome [English]


    Park Young-hoon is a plastic surgeon avoided by his patients because of his ugly appearance. After having his heart crushed by the woman he had a crush on, he decides to change his life by undergoing a full-body surgery. After the surgery, Young-hoon became really handsome and the woman around him started to be in interested in him. Doctor Park . Can I also become prettier?

  • Too Good At Massages [English]


    One day, amidst a life of daily jerkoffs, Junhyun saves Jin Ahyoung.After experiencing Junhyun's extraordinary massage abilities, Ahyoung introduces him to a female-only esthetic shop and Junhyun discovers that his massages arouse women?

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  • Sai Sai [Korean]


    Graduated architecture and Mr. Cassidy and Sang Woo. Dae-hyun meets Sang-gyu in a company that lives internship, and Sang-woo faces Kyunghee party in a drinking party following friends. The four-year love affair begins to crack between the two who seemed to be together forever.

  • She Is Young [English]


    19 years old she vs 31 years old she. Is she two individuals? The childhood version of her came beyond time to meet her boyfriend. The current girlfriend and young girlfriend faces confusion and bewilderment?

  • AMU [English]


    Welcome to Cafe Dilemma, the solution to all your troubles. “We will make your destiny.”

  • I’m in a hurry [Korean]


    The 21-year-old Shin-Geun Dong has a girlfriend, but he's not making any progress with her. As his enlistment draws nearer and nearer, Shin-Geun Dong becomes impatient and encounters a series of temptations

  • Survival Game [English]


    The survival game. 30 people trying to find new lives are thrown into a game of survival. What are their fates?

  • Meisters [English]


    In a world where one is valued by how many skills they have, Lecledom shows that the number isn't everything.

  • Munchkin Quest [English]


    Through a chance opportunity, Ian joins the supernatural intelligence agency N.E.R.D! His company life of suffering through the ins and outs with those in N.E.R.D begins! Will he be able to survive amongst the dangerous women of N.E.R.D?

  • Blood Blade [English]


    Vampiresand humanshave been fighting for a long time. Two tribes, tired of long unknown fights, tacitly enter into a truce. It is a foreign truce that stands for a truce but the fact is that we are secretly looking for weapons that can destroy each other! Â

  • The Girl That Got Stuck in the Wall [English]


    Jieun is smart and witty, but she’s got a penchant for running late. Luckily, she’s got a few tricks up her sleeve, like a quick shortcut to help her get to work on time. Jisoo, on the other hand, is trying to find his first corporate job while nursing old wounds. Everyday’s the same boring routine, to the library and back home where he lives alone. At least, until one day when he takes a wrong turn down an alley and discovers Jieun… stuck in a wall.

  • Scandalous [English]


    Who says a woman can’t be smart and sexy at the same time? But can a woman get away with cheating on two men at once? Saeeun’s simply SCANDALOUS!

  • Are You Prepared To Be My Girl? [English]


    Mai, a poor university student, was chosen to be a cosmetic model by a rich celebrity, Saionji. Mai doesn’t understand why she was chosen, but Saionji teases her with a kiss saying “you have beautiful skin.” Mai feels like she’s falling for him, but wonders if he’s just playing with her. It’s a love story of a poor girl and a rich boy.

  • Love Struck [English]


    My new roommate is obsessed with me but she's a ghost?!

  • Pheromone Holic [English]


    Hyunwoo is, for all intents and purposes, a loser. Grade A. Freshman year of college was horrible and his sophomore year’s shaping up to be more of the same. But, things take a turn for the weird when he saves the life of an old snake-oil peddler on the way home. As thanks for his good deed, the old man offers Hyunwoo a special potion guaranteed to make all his dreams come true.